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Using Multi-Syllable Rhymes To Advance Your Rapping Skill

As a hip hop artist, there are many things you can do to separate yourself from your competition through increasing your skill set, songwriting ability, image, promotion/marketing, beat selection, and so on. In this article, I’ll be discussing one thing you can do to improve upon your songwriting skills which will make your songs sound much more satisfying to listen to. This songwriting skill is the art of multisyllabic rhyming. This technique will not only make your songs sound better, but it will make your rhymes sound more intelligent and take your writing to a totally new level. Not to mention, nothing beats the satisfaction of coming up with a perfectly fluent multi.

What is multisyllabic rhyming?

Multisyllabic rhyming, also called “multis” for short, are a type of rhyme scheme in which 2 or more syllables rhyme. Multis differ from traditional rhyme schemes, as traditional schemes usually only rhyme the last syllable in a series of lines. In order for you to grasp the difference, here is an an example of a traditional rhyme and a multisyllabic rhyme: Read More »