What Is A Standard Lease?

By adamack on Oct 28, 2013 in - Comments Off on What Is A Standard Lease?

Adamack Beats offers you various different beat license options to suit the needs for your songs.

The first license type is called a Standard Lease.

A Standard Lease to a beat is a form of non-exclusive rights. This means that after you lease the beat, it will remain on Adamack Beats and can continue to be leased out to other artists, until somebody purchases the Exclusive Rights.

To help you understand what a Standard Lease is in the easiest way possible, I’ve made a list of rights which the Standard Lease offers you:

A Standard Lease:

– Allows you to record your vocals over the beat and distribute it to your audience.

Allows you 3,000 distributions of your song. A distribution is defined as any physical or digital transfer of the song to another person for profit or non-profit. This includes selling a CD/DVD of the song or of your album, selling the song on iTunes, sending the song to someone via email or any other electronic/physical transfer.

Allows you to keep 100% of your profits from these 3,000 distributions.

Allows the producer to keep his rights to the beat, and allows him to continue selling leases to other artists until somebody purchases Exclusive Rights.

Allows your rights for up to 2 years from the date of purchase.

Allows you to perform your song live unlimited times during your leasing term.

Allows you to upload audio/video to streaming sites on the internet and receive unlimited plays/views. You MUST give credit to the producer (Adamack) for producing the beat. You can include this production credit in the song/video description.

Allows 100 spins of your song on radio. If you receive more, please contact Adamack at adamackbeatz@gmail.com to discuss further licensing or Exclusive Rights.

So basically, to sum things up, the Standard Lease allows you to record your vocals to the beat and distribute up to 3,000 copies of this song for profit or non-profit, for either 2 years or until you run out of distributions (whichever occurs first).

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send me an email at adamackbeatz@gmail.com.