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Pop/Funk crossover beat with clean electric guitar chords, a funk inspired brass section, and bass line with a great groove. The hook section introduces a catchy retro synth lead, and the beat breaks down and rebuilds during the bridge. Contact me at for Exclusive Rights inquiries, or lease this beat today for only $17.99!

Type: Neo-Funk, Pop, Urban


Larry Hawthorne June 9th, 2017

Hello Tim,

I have been very busy lately, how much is exclusive rights to this song “Showstopper?”

I finally is out of this financial snafu and I soon will have more financial freedom to make exclusive purchases.

I will also be sending you my entire album for mixing and mastering……

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,


adamack June 9th, 2017

Hey Larry, good to hear from you man! Glad to hear everything is well. I’ll send you an email shortly to discuss the Exclusive Rights for the Showstopper beat, as well as the mixing/mastering project. Talk soon

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