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Neemias de Gamba February 1st, 2015

Hi. I´m from Angola.I´ve a mixtape. Now I want to get serious. I wonder if I can request a type of beat to each song that I wrote, like, I send the idea and you make the beat. I can pay for it. Bye

Alexander February 2nd, 2015


Please take a few minutes of your time & listen this demos:

I’m open to cooperation.
Thank you.

Ed Scatch March 29th, 2015


My name’s Ed scatch and i’m an upcoming artist from Cameroon, i really enjoy your beats and work and will need you on my project for real. I downloaded a free beat of yours from openmindsent tittle Happy together. Please i want to drop a single, i already did a demo and everybody’s kicking it, so i need your support with the beat file to re-record. check my page above and tell me if you like let’s do something BIG. You are supper talented bro Jah bless ya’ll. Peace

Jordan March 30th, 2015

I was looking to get a lease on our beat : help me

Maicon May 9th, 2015

hello how are you? I wonder if the beat “you’re gonne see” I can ultilizar in my albun? because I liked a lot and did a song, I am Brazilian if you want I can show my makeup!

I await his return

Maicon (Brazil)

AKO AGBOR May 17th, 2015

hi Adamack would like one of my beats remade iam not satisfied with the quality and would like to know how much it would cost to remake the beat or rather replace the instruments with professional ones if i sent the data and vocal of the song. So that you resend me the the song with the modificaions and later professional data . A.K.O

Molly June 30th, 2015

hello can i send a mp3 song into a instrumental version suggestion

Spencer Phelps July 25th, 2015

Question about “The Realness” track. Since there’s no exclusive option, does that mean it’s already been secured and unavailable?

Dodd August 4th, 2015

Hi there

How much would Drop It Low with exclusive rights cost?

Dodd August 4th, 2015

Contact me on

sufiyaan September 2nd, 2015

if i’ll buy a standard lease with trackout will i be getting the trackouts of the beat instantly and is it gonna be WAV files?

Aaron September 22nd, 2015

Hey I was wondering if I bought any beat with any license, would I be allowed to trim or add to the length to fit my needs? Thanks!

– Aaron

Simon October 1st, 2015

Some time ago, you have published a beat called “depression”. I like it very much!
Where can I get the WAV files. I wrote a text to and want to create my own mix.

best regards

Jason R. Nye October 15th, 2015

My name is Json Hillz, I’ve have taken a liking to a song you produced approx. a year ago. You named it
“Gotta Believe”, I noticed you have lease options and exclusive options. I wanted to know if I could start off leasing the song. Then if attention and progression awarded from the track then I’ll purchase the full exclusive rights to it. Please get back to me. My email listed above is I hope to hear from you. If your ok with the lease, I’ll make the purchase tomorrow.

Thomas October 17th, 2015

Hello Adamack,

I’m Italian, my name is Thomas aka Zuncu. I worked with your beats and I’d like to listen you two other new works: Smile and What’s Up.

In Smile we talk about the disabled (we shot a small reportage): their difficulties in life of everyday.

In What’up, however, we speak of social media that have invaded our lives. There is no longer any difference between real life and the virtual one.

You can download all songs from the following link:

I hope you like them and I like to receive your comment.

For info:

Thank you.

Victor Wogu February 5th, 2016

My name’s Victor. I just downloaded a free beat from your website and I’ll like to use it for a project. Please I just want to know if I to go through any process before i can use it for my project. I’m just trying avoid breaking any copyright laws.
God bless!
Victor Wogu

Laurell Eden February 10th, 2016

Hi. This is Laurell Eden again. I realize I probably shouldn’t have left my phone number on that comment. Please don’t post it.

Alex Lawley February 23rd, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a music producer based in the UK, I am writing to enquire about whether you take third party composer submission on a remote basis?

Yours sincerely,
Alex Lawley

Jake Aldridge February 28th, 2016

Hi guys,

I was wondering if you could please let me know how much the cost would be to buy the track ‘Save Me’ exclusively? The price for this on the website is slightly out of my budget if i’m honest, but i wondered whether there would be any room for movement on this? I am a big fan of your tracks and see myself buying from you again in the future. I can also give production credits on everything.

To get a feel for the type of coverage i’m currently getting, please see my website.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Keep up the great work.


rory February 28th, 2016

do you still have some of your older beats or if there gone they have been bought?

adamack March 12th, 2016

Hello, thanks for your inquiry!

Yes I have a lot of my older beats over at Let me know if you find anything, or feel free to email me at if you have any questions!

kyle June 2nd, 2016

Hey Adamack big fan. I purchased your beat whatever it takes” awhile ago and was looking to record but my old computer broke which it was stored. Please email me back if there is a way I cab get it or you can re send it? I’m trying to contact you. Thanks!

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