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New Beats Added To The Beat Store – Promo Code Inside!

Check out the recent beat additions to the Adamack Beats store! Here are some of the latest uploads:

Lit: A Future type trap beat with a gloomy sound. This beat has an electric piano chord progression, trap drums and 808s, and a dark pad.

Take U There: This Pitbull type beat has an overall optimistic vibe, with some tropical elements in the hook. The drum groove is steady, with a “4 on the floor” kick drum pattern, and a synth pad filters in and out as the beat builds energy. Read More »

Pandora Now Accepting Digital Music Submissions

pandora digital music image

Good news for music artists! Pandora is now accepting digital music submissions.

If you have thought about submitting your music to Pandora in the past, they you probably know that they did not accept digital music unless it was submitted through another distribution company such as CDBaby.

Now, they are accepting digital music submissions directly. You can submit your music here:

As an artist, I’m sure you know that it is important that you take every avenue possible to get your music heard.

So now that Pandora is making things a lot more accessible, you should definitely consider submitting your songs to increase your chances of being heard, generating more fans, and fulfilling your goals as an artist.

Just be sure that you have your song copyrighted and protected first!

If you are looking for beats for your new songs, please check out my beat library here.



Artists: 50% Off Album Submissions At CDBaby Today!

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Are you looking to distribute your album to iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Google Play, and to other music distribution companies?

Today, CDBaby is running a promotion for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Get 50% off all album submissions until the end of the day. (December 2, 3012)

My apologies for not finding this earlier, as there is only 5 hours left until the promotion is over.

But I figured I would let you know anyway, since it is such a good promotion!

Upon checkout, simply use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY, and you can submit your album to distribution companies for half price.

CDBaby is a great way to go, because it allows you to submit your album to all major outlets in one shot. This surely beats having to submit it to every single different outlet.

Head over to now to begin your album submission process, and to redeem your savings!

Earn A Music Degree From The Comfort Of Your Home

music degree image

Want to learn how to make beats? How about discovering how to record and mix your music?

Even better…would you like to learn music from the comfort of your own home, and earn a degree for it?

Well,  the world renowned Berklee College of Music is now offering the opportunity to earn a degree without leaving your home.

You can earn your Bachelor’s Degree of Professional Studies without having to worry about relocating. And it costs a lot less than the on-campus tuition.

Berklee now offers at-home programs for the following courses of study: Read More »

Welcome To Adamack Beats!


Welcome to Adamack Beats.

As an artist, I know that you value good production. I know that one way that you become inspired to write is by listening to beats from producers. And I know that you deserve only the best music to compliment the words that you work so hard on writing.

As a professional producer for nearly 10 years now, I’ve always kept the artist in mind when I produce beats. I’ve got more than just hip hop beats for sale. Whether you are a pop artist, a rapper, an r&b singer or a rock star, I am confident that I have something in my library of beats that will inspire you. Read More »