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8 Great Ways To Make Money As A Music Artist

Times have changed from the way things used to be. There are far more avenues and opportunities to earn money as a music artist today than there were in the past. If you are a music artist or musician, you don’t need to rely only on selling your music in order to make a living. You can sell your talents, skills, and services as well. Here is a list of ways you can earn money as an artist which will hopefully give you some great ideas of how you can support yourself in your music career. Read More »

How To Create An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) For Music Artists

If you are a music artist, there is a good chance that you’ve heard about the importance of creating an Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

There are still many artists who do not know what an EPK is, why it is important, or how to create one. This article will teach you everything you need to know about creating one.

What Is An Electronic Press Kit?

First off, it is important to explain what an EPK is.

An Electronic Press Kit is a collection of resources which contain information about a music artist, musician, or band.

Typically, an EPK will contain the following pieces of information or media:

  • Artist Name
  • Biography
  • Audio Files Of Songs or Demos Read More »