Why You Should Record In A Professional or Home Studio

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Do you take your music career seriously?

Be honest as you ask yourself this question.

If you just record songs over beats for fun or for practice, and are sure that a career as a music artist is not something that you would like to pursue, then you can disregard this article.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with recording songs for fun, and if that is what you do, then I am certainly not here to tell you what to do….keep having fun doing what you love!

On the other hand, if you’ve gotten to that point where you’ve decided that this music thing is the path that you have chosen, then please…hear me out.

Of everything that bugs me, there is one thing that has always caused me to step back and ask myself, “Why?” …

Why do many talented artists spend money on everything else for their music EXCEPT for studio time, and instead choose to record on their home computers with the plastic microphone that came with their PC/MAC?

I honestly believe that the answer is simple…Many artists do not realize the importance of a good vocal mix.

I cannot tell you how many times that an artist would buy beats from me, record their song at home, and send it back over to me asking for feedback.

Very often what I will hear is a song with great melodies, coming from a voice that sounds amazing, but with terrible vocal recording quality.

It’s like having a wonderful pizza with the highest grade cheese, home grown vegetables, and rich tomato sauce, but it’s covered in…

…ketchup and mayonnaise.

I also wanted to make one thing clear before moving on. If you happen to have good equipment at home, have a nice recording environment and are seasoned with recording your own vocals, this certainly counts as recording at a studio as well. It’s a home studio, but it certainly beats picking up a $5 mic and going to town.

So why is a great vocal mix so important to your success as a music artist?

To help to cement this idea into your mind, I’ve listed 3 key reasons why you must put a lot of emphasis on your vocal mix:


Why Is A Great Vocal Mix Important?

1. Your music will not go anywhere if your vocal recording sounds like crap. Stores, radio, clubs….none of these outlets will be willing to play or sell your song unless the mix is at a very high level.

2. Your sound quality is a direct expression of you. When people hear your music, you want them to be amazed. You want them to associate you with great quality.

3. You can’t hide a horrible mix. The human ear has an ingenious way to detect if something is not right. Even for people who are not music-savvy, their ears will be able to tell if you recorded at home on a cheap microphone. They may not be able to explain what the problem is, but it will effect their experience.


recording studio image

Professional Recording Studio


Okay, so now that you have an idea of why your vocal mix quality is so important, I want to continue on with the reasons that you should be recording either in a professional studio or in a good home studio:

Proper Studio Setups Provide Optimal Recording Environments

When you record at home on a $5 microphone, you are likely in a room that has not been treated. Proper studios have vocal booths which have been set up to provide optimal sound quality. Vocal booths are soundproof, and keep extra noises out. They are created with the intention of capturing your voice, and nothing else. Treated booths will go a long way in creating the best recording possible.

Good Studios Have The Best Equipment and Software

What kind of recording equipment and software do you have? Most people who record at home have not invested a penny into quality hardware and software. Microphones and cables, room treatment items, powerful computers and recording software…these things cost a lot of money. When you go to a good recording studio, you may spend $100-$200 or so to record your song, but you will be taking advantage of thousands upon thousands of dollars of equipment. Not to mention, the equipment will be run by engineers who know exactly how to use it, and quickly at that.

Good Studios Have Good Sound Engineers

Even if you DID have all of the professional recording equipment that a studio has, do you know how to use it? Way too many people invest thousands on home studios, but they do not even know how to use it. And even if you do know how it works, do you have a highly trained ear and hundreds or thousands of hours of mixing experience? The $100-$200 you pay at a studio is not only for the amazing equipment, but for the person doing the work as well. It is a small price to pay for what you are getting.

I hope this article has helped to shed some light on the importance of recording at a professional or proper home studio.

If you are still new to recording, you can certainly get away with home mixes for now, but please be prepared and understand that at some point, you will need to either find a professional studio, or invest in your own home studio and learn how to record yourself.

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