The Single Factor At The Heart of Your Success

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There are quite a few factors which are involved in becoming successful in your music career. There are the obvious factors – practice and hard work, natural and learned musical talent, a mastery in one or several areas of music, and so on.

But there is one single factor which is the central heart beat of all your successes.

This certain ingredient I am referring to has been the subject of dozens of motivational and self-help books over the years.

I’m referring to the “D” word. of course – Desire.

It is safe to assume that nearly everyone involved in music, whether you’re an artist, a producer who makes beats, an engineer who mixes, a promoter, a performer, and so on, wishes to become as successful as they can so they can live out their dreams.

I personally believe that everyone can be a success. Everybody has it in them to do what they are truly passionate about, and earn a living doing so.

There will always be factors on the surface which will be different for each and every individual. For instance, some are naturally more talented in certain areas than others. Some were born in the perfect location, with the perfect inspirations around them. Nothing beats that!

But the ones who reach the top all have one thing in common. Their desire to achieve.

There is nothing more powerful than an indomitable will to get what you truly desire in life. When you will not accept failure or defeat, no matter how many times you slip up or how many obstacles you run into, almost nothing can stop you.

You’ve probably heard all of these things many times before, but that’s precisely why…because it is true!

If you are lacking the true desire to achieve something, you simply will not put in the necessary work to get there. You HAVE to WANT something more than anything else in the world in order to achieve it at the highest level.

When desire is strong enough, the WANT turns into a NEED. It reaches a point where you HAVE to have what you want, otherwise you will never be comfortable.

Therefore, I like to think of desire as a passion so strong, you absolutely NEED what you set out for.

Desire = Fuel

Think of desire as fuel. This fuel is used to power the 3 main characteristics of achievement: Motivation, Hard Work, and Perseverance.

Again, if you do not have the honest desire to reach your goals, your gas tank will run out in any, or all 3 of these areas.

Let’s define the 3 main characteristics of achievement:


Motivation is the reason(s) that you do what you do to achieve your goals. In effect, motivation becomes a compilation of all of the factors which determine why you want to get what you’re after.

Without a strong enough desire, your motivation will inevitably perish. Your gas tank will run out, and you will no longer have any reasons to continue.

Hard Work

Hard work is vital to become successful in any field. It is the actual activity you do each and every day to reach your desired goals. It’s the reps in the squat rack. It is the video tutorial or book you read to learn about your craft. It is practicing an instrument, or working on your vocal runs. It is mixing a beat for 5 hours to get it to sound as good as possible. Put simply, it is your output.

Again, without a strong desire, you will not work hard. You will not do the extra reps. You will not work on your vocal scales. You will not take the extra time to mix your beat to perfection.


Perseverance is another vital quality to achieving what you want and need out of life. Perseverance is the will to continue pursuing your goals after you’ve hit a setback or when life beats you up. When Thomas Edison kept hitting setbacks when inventing the lightbulb, he famously said, “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” It was Edison’s perseverance to succeed that enabled him to reach his ultimate goal.

Without a strong desire, well….you can guess the rest by now. You will not have the fuel to persevere if you lack a strong desire to achieve.

As you can see in the little image I’ve created below, desire is at the heart of everything. The heart beats and pumps blood which gives vitality to the other qualities of achievement.

desire chart

How You Can Manifest Desire

By now, I’m sure you’ve realized the importance of desire when it comes to achieving your dreams.

If you have a strong desire for music, or anything else, which you’ve never lost, you can probably stop reading here.

But what happens if you happen to lose your desire for your passion? Or it diminishes greatly? Can it be re-invoked?

Yes, it can be. In fact, due to our nature to become distracted and give in to pleasurable temptations, it is quite normal to run into times when we just don’t want or need something as much as we used to. Sometimes, life beats us up and this happens.

Here are some common, yet effective, practices which I’ve found to refill my gas tank when I’ve found that my desire for my passion has decreased or even disappeared.

1. Consider regret. Think about how much you will regret your life if you ditch your efforts and succumb to a mediocre life. To me, there is nothing scarier than thinking about this, and it immediately gets me to take action and remember my original desires.

2. Become inspired by other people. Is music your desire? Listen to other talented artists or producers who have beats which amaze you. Tell yourself that you can be just as good as them if you put in the work. Consider the peers in your field to be healthy competition, and become inspired by them. It is often a hot beat from another producer which revives my passion.

3. Think about others. If you ditch your desires and return to mediocrity, who will you be letting down? Your loved ones want nothing more than for you to succeed in doing what you love. When you think about other people, sometimes you can invoke a stronger reaction than if you are only thinking about yourself. I know that my family wants me to be involved with music, because they know that it is my passion.

4. Consider your alternatives. This is perhaps the most powerful method to refill the gas tank of your desire. If you give up, what will you need to do to earn a living? Would you need to retreat to a 9-5 job? Would that be a good or bad thing for you? If you’re like me and you would absolutely hate it, then good! This strong hatred for living a life filled with doing things for other people is often enough to jump-start the desire for your passion.

In Conclusion

Desire is an aspect of the mind. Our minds are powerful beyond comprehension, and they are the single most important factor in determining who we become, how we look at ourselves, and how successful we will be.

Whether you are a music artist, a producer, an athlete, an internet marketer, or anything else, it is crucial that you find and maintain a strong desire in your field.

Thanks for reading!

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