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    3 Hip Hop Producers Who Changed The Game

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    Hip hop producers are in the spotlight today more so than ever. Believe it or not, there was a time when the opposite was true. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, when hip hop was in its infancy, producers were primarily behind-the-scenes. Nobody knew who made the beats. Instead, the artist/MC himself got all of…

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    Writer’s Block: 6 Ways To Find Musical Motivation

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    So you’re severely lacking musical motivation. It happens to everybody. You’re listening to a beat, trying to come up with words and melodies to make your next brilliant song. But for some reason, the words aren’t flowing. Or maybe you just aren’t interested. You’re stuck, and trust me I know…it is a horrible feeling. What…

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    Free Beat: “Smile” (Piano Beat)

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    This free piano beat is driven primarily by a beautiful, original piano piece I created. As the beat progresses, drums and percussive elements are introduced to build emotion. They drop back out of the song for the chorus, during which orchestral strings pair with the piano to add warmth and fullness. To download this free…

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    Track Separation: The Importance Of Tracked Out WAVs

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    Before I begin, I’d just like to say that the goal of this website is not solely hip hop beats for sale. In this blog section, you will find an invaluable resource of information, ideas, and advice which will help your music career. That said, I wanted to discuss an issue that a lot of…

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    Free Beat: “At First Sight”

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    Today’s free beat, “At First Sight” combines moving synths with busy percussion and an overall club r&b sound. Feel free to use the free beat for non-commercial purposes. Download the beat here. Note: Once you open the page in the link above, find the “Free Download” button. Right-click it, and choose “Save As” to download…

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    Free Beat: “Far Far Away”

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    Adamack here with a new free beat. This beat combines ambient and emotional string/piano sections with hard hitting hip hop drums. The arrangement alternates, as the drums are introduced and dropped throughout the beat. Hear it for yourself! Check out today’s free beat here.