It’s Not The Software Or Hardware. It’s The Person Behind It…

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Whether you are an artist, producer, or engineer, odds are you’ve come across a situation….perhaps even a confusion, about which software and hardware to purchase in order to optimally record your vocals, create your beats, or mix your tracks.

What is the best beat-making software? What is the best mic? Which are the best studio monitors?

While it should definitely be a goal of any serious musician or producer to eventually own professional, quality hardware and software, I just wanted to create this post to give you some inspiration and insight into how you can become successful BEFORE you have the resources to buy these expensive items.

Let me start off by telling you a bit about myself first…

When I first started making beats, I had no clue about which software, monitors, interface, and keyboard I should purchase. And I certainly didn’t have the money for it.

Instead, I used what I had. I didn’t delay, or put my music career off until I had good gear. I learned everything on what I had.

At the time, I had a modest, small pair of computer speakers, an inexpensive midi controller, and a less-than-optimal PC. Because I was just starting off, I had no money to afford anything better.

Through thousands of grueling hours of working on my craft, I started to learn how to make solid beats with my horrific setup. I taught myself how to use Reason, and I spent hours every day mixing my beats to get them to sound as good as possible with what I had.

When I began uploading my beats for sale on the internet, I quickly learned that people were digging them. Before I knew it, I had a library of nearly 100 beats which were selling like hotcakes, and every single one of them were produced using my terrible setup.

The funny thing is…even when I acquired the money to buy good gear, I was too attached to my setup to give it up. That changed eventually of course, as I continued to learn how to achieve the best sound I could.

So what is the point in me sharing this story with you?

I just wanted to offer some inspiration to you. Whether you’re a recording artist, producer, engineer, (or anybody in any creative field for that matter) I’m here to let you know that you can do great things with almost nothing.

Don’t delay your music career because you don’t have the best gear. Start now, and challenge your creativity to create something amazing with very little.

We are currently living in a wonderful technological era in which we have plugins and programs that can do anything for us.  I’m not in any way bashing this convenience, but I see the beauty in creating something without the help of expensive technology. Those who learn how to make a quality creation with very little, and without reliance on any shortcuts, will learn incredibly valuable lessons about how to achieve so much with so little.

Have you ever walked down a subway terminal, and seen a homeless individual with a beat up guitar, singing and playing some of the most amazing pieces of music you’ve ever heard?

The reason that this person became so talented is because he/she had to learn their gift the hard way. No shortcuts, no modern gear, no autotune…nothing. Just a guitar and a mind.

So if you are feeling uninspired about your music career because you don’t have the latest plugin or gear, do yourself a favor and do everything you can with what little you’ve got. You will reap the rewards in the future, exercise your creative muscle, and you’ll know how to do almost anything you want in music without the reliance on any shortcuts.

One last thing. I am not undermining quality hardware and software. If you want to achieve the absolute optimal quality in your music, nothing beats having the best gear. But the message here is to do everything you can with what you’ve got for now, until you can afford what you want.

Hope this helped!

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Great Advice!

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