How To Create An Electronic Press Kit (EPK) For Music Artists

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If you are a music artist, there is a good chance that you’ve heard about the importance of creating an Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

There are still many artists who do not know what an EPK is, why it is important, or how to create one. This article will teach you everything you need to know about creating one.

What Is An Electronic Press Kit?

First off, it is important to explain what an EPK is.

An Electronic Press Kit is a collection of resources which contain information about a music artist, musician, or band.

Typically, an EPK will contain the following pieces of information or media:

  • Artist Name
  • Biography
  • Audio Files Of Songs or Demos
  • Contact Information
  • Pictures
  • Website/Social Media Links
  • Press Coverage
  • Gig/Touring Schedule
  • Artist Logos or Artwork

The main difference between an Electronic Press Kit and a standard Press Kit is that EPK’s are delivered electronically (through email, file sharing sites, through social media, etc.), and standard Press Kits are physically compiled (usually in an envelope or folder) and delivered through the mail or in person.

Why Is It Important To Create an EPK?

Creating an EPK for your music career will enable you to quickly distribute important information to labels, A&R’s, or anyone else in the music industry.

They will appreciate your professionalism in having a fully constructed press kit, which will show them that you take your music seriously.

It will also give them every bit of information they will need to contact you, learn about you, and listen to your music.

It is much better to send a full EPK to somebody in the music industry than to send them an email with a short message and an mp3 attached.

How To Create An EPK

So now that we understand what an Electronic Press Kit is and why it is so important, let’s discuss how to create one. Below, I’ve listed the items you should include in an EPK (unless otherwise specified), with a description of each item:

Artist Name, Contact Information, and Website Links

Include your artist name and your real name in your EPK. Include contact information, such as your email address, telephone number, and a P.O. Box if you have one. I would avoid including my personal home address unless you have met with and trust the person you are sending the EPK to.

Also include links to your main website, your Facebook page, Twitter page, SoundCloud, YouTube, and any other social media/streaming sites that you keep updated.

Logo and Artwork

If you have a professional logo for your band/music, include this in your EPK. Also include any quality artwork you may have, such as an album or mixtape cover. It is important that you only include artwork if it is high-quality and professional.

If you have a piece of clipart with your name under it, or anything else crappy like this, you will be better off not including it at all.


Include a short, yet interesting and complete biography of your music career. What got you interested in music? Do you play any instruments? When did you release your first song? Have you had any success yet in the music industry? Have you opened for any big artists, or collaborated with industry artists?

Include important details about your music career and about yourself. Don’t write a novel or anything too long, as many people simply do not have the time to read lengthy biographies.

MP3 Files Of Your Music

Choose 2 or 3 of your absolute best, highest quality songs, and attach them to your EPK as MP3 files.

Your music is the most important asset you have as an artist. Make sure that you only choose your absolute best work. This is your chance to amaze whoever you’re sending your EPK to, so take this seriously.

Avoid adding lo-fi or bad quality recordings if you can.


As with the artwork, include only high-quality pictures of yourself/band. If you are serious about your music, you should have a professional photo shoot done. If so, include a few pictures from your shoot.

Do not add an entire gallery…2-5 pictures should suffice. Do not send pictures that you took yourself from your cell phone. The music industry will not take you seriously if you include low quality or thoughtless pictures in your EPK.

Press Coverage

Have you ever been interviewed by a radio station or magazine? Has anyone in the press ever written an article about you?

Include transcripts from interviews, articles or any other coverage you’ve gotten from the press.

Gigs/Touring Information

Inform your reader of your upcoming shows and touring schedule. The person you send your EPK to may want to attend one of your upcoming shows to see how good your performances are.

These days, some sites like Reverb Nation offer to create your EPK for a fee. While this may be a good idea to look into, you can certainly save money and do it yourself by taking the steps above.

Even if you do not have anybody in particular to send your Electronic Press Kit to at this moment, it would benefit you to go ahead and create one for the future, because you will absolutely need one at some point if you continue to pursue a spot in the music industry.

I hope this articled helped you to better understand the EPK.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below. Or, click here if you are looking for hip hop instrumentals and beats.

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