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Using Multi-Syllable Rhymes To Advance Your Rapping Skill

As a hip hop artist, there are many things you can do to separate yourself from your competition through increasing your skill set, songwriting ability, image, promotion/marketing, beat selection, and so on. In this article, I’ll be discussing one thing you can do to improve upon your songwriting skills which will make your songs sound much more satisfying to listen to. This songwriting skill is the art of multisyllabic rhyming. This technique will not only make your songs sound better, but it will make your rhymes sound more intelligent and take your writing to a totally new level. Not to mention, nothing beats the satisfaction of coming up with a perfectly fluent multi.

What is multisyllabic rhyming?

Multisyllabic rhyming, also called “multis” for short, are a type of rhyme scheme in which 2 or more syllables rhyme. Multis differ from traditional rhyme schemes, as traditional schemes usually only rhyme the last syllable in a series of lines. In order for you to grasp the difference, here is an an example of a traditional rhyme and a multisyllabic rhyme: Read More »

It’s Not The Software Or Hardware. It’s The Person Behind It…

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Whether you are an artist, producer, or engineer, odds are you’ve come across a situation….perhaps even a confusion, about which software and hardware to purchase in order to optimally record your vocals, create your beats, or mix your tracks.

What is the best beat-making software? What is the best mic? Which are the best studio monitors?

While it should definitely be a goal of any serious musician or producer to eventually own professional, quality hardware and software, I just wanted to create this post to give you some inspiration and insight into how you can become successful BEFORE you have the resources to buy these expensive items. Read More »

6 Ways To Find Musical Motivation When You Have Writer’s Block

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It happens to everybody.

You’re listening to a beat, trying to come up with words and melodies to make your next brilliant song.

But for some reason, the words aren’t flowing. Or maybe you just aren’t interested. You’re stuck, and trust me I know…it is a horrible feeling.

What can you do to break out of this evil spell we all know as “writer’s block”?

First off, please understand that writer’s block happens to everybody, in every single creative-based field.

As a music producer, I will go through days and even weeks of feeling uninspired. I do everything I can to gain interest in making a beat, but it just isn’t happening. Read More »