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Video: What Does The Future Hold For Independent Music Artists?

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In today’s era of ever-changing, ever-growing technology, it is absolutely crucial that you, as an artist and musician, do everything you can to foresee the future of the independent music industry.

Will there be new and more effective means of distributing your music? Are the rules and methods of publishing going to change?

Will the idea of selling your CD album in a store make a comeback? Or will the trend of electronic sales continue to grow until physical sales are all but a memory?

Arm yourself with priceless knowledge and check out this new video from Berklee College of Music. The video is from their awesome “Resources For Independent Musicians” series, and I highly suggest that you check out the rest of the videos as well.

In the video, Berklee instructor Mike King talks with Tony van Veen, CEO and president of AVL Digital Group, which is the parent company of CDBaby.

Without further ado, check out the video here.