New Beats Added To The Beat Store – Promo Code Inside!

Check out the recent beat additions to the Adamack Beats store! Here are some of the latest uploads:

Lit: A Future type trap beat with a gloomy sound. This beat has an electric piano chord progression, trap drums and 808s, and a dark pad.

Take U There: This Pitbull type beat has an overall optimistic vibe, with some tropical elements in the hook. The drum groove is steady, with a “4 on the floor” kick drum pattern, and a synth pad filters in and out as the beat builds energy. Read More »

6 YouTube Tips For Music Artists

It’s no revelation that YouTube has taken over the internet (and television) as the main source for video content today. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you, as a music artist, emphasize a strong presence on YouTube for maximum exposure. Here are 7 Tips that can help you take your YouTube channel to the next level.

1. Show Your Face

I’ve noticed that a lot of musicians use YouTube as a place to upload only the audio of their songs with no visual content. Read More »

7 Artists Who Rap And Make Beats

In modern music, it is rare to come across an artist who can do multiple things well. Most pop artists you hear on the radio today are singers only. Their beats were created by outside producers, their lyrics written by specialized songwriters, and the songs mixed by separate engineers. Gone are the days where an artist wrote, produced, and recorded his or her own music exclusively by themselves.

In hip-hop however, most rappers at least still write their own lyrics. Some even produce their own beats. Listed below are 10 rappers who also have a knack for producing quality beats. Whether the beats are for their own songs or for other rappers, these artists are extremely talented and should be respected for their skills behind the mic AND in the producer’s chair. Read More »

8 Great Ways To Make Money As A Music Artist

Times have changed from the way things used to be. There are far more avenues and opportunities to earn money as a music artist today than there were in the past. If you are a music artist or musician, you don’t need to rely only on selling your music in order to make a living. You can sell your talents, skills, and services as well. Here is a list of ways you can earn money as an artist which will hopefully give you some great ideas of how you can support yourself in your music career. Read More »

Using Multi-Syllable Rhymes To Advance Your Rapping Skill

As a hip hop artist, there are many things you can do to separate yourself from your competition through increasing your skill set, songwriting ability, image, promotion/marketing, beat selection, and so on. In this article, I’ll be discussing one thing you can do to improve upon your songwriting skills which will make your songs sound much more satisfying to listen to. This songwriting skill is the art of multisyllabic rhyming. This technique will not only make your songs sound better, but it will make your rhymes sound more intelligent and take your writing to a totally new level. Not to mention, nothing beats the satisfaction of coming up with a perfectly fluent multi.

What is multisyllabic rhyming?

Multisyllabic rhyming, also called “multis” for short, are a type of rhyme scheme in which 2 or more syllables rhyme. Multis differ from traditional rhyme schemes, as traditional schemes usually only rhyme the last syllable in a series of lines. In order for you to grasp the difference, here is an an example of a traditional rhyme and a multisyllabic rhyme: Read More »

5 Needed Pieces Of Equipment To Make Beats

One big question that most aspiring or new producers seem to ask about is what kind of gear, equipment and software they will need to begin making beats. A big problem which prevents them from getting started is that they seem to think that the gear they will need to make quality beats is highly expensive. This can cause them to dismiss their desires as a producer and never take the leap to making their first beat.

The truth is that the equipment needed to make beats is likely less expensive than you’d think. This is largely because your success as a producer will have much more to do with your talents and skills than it does with your equipment. While certain high end hardware and software can certainly help make the production process more effective and efficient,  it is not NEEDED right away. Instead, it is a great idea to start with some basic equipment, develop your craft, and start upgrading your gear over time.

Listed below are 5 things you will need to make your own rap beats, with budget in mind. Read More »

The Single Factor At The Heart of Your Success

There are quite a few factors which are involved in becoming successful in your music career. There are the obvious factors – practice and hard work, natural and learned musical talent, a mastery in one or several areas of music, and so on.

But there is one single factor which is the central heart beat of all your successes.

This certain ingredient I am referring to has been the subject of dozens of motivational and self-help books over the years.

I’m referring to the “D” word. of course – Desire.

It is safe to assume that nearly everyone involved in music, whether you’re an artist, a producer who makes beats, an engineer who mixes, a promoter, a performer, and so on, wishes to become as successful as they can so they can live out their dreams. Read More »

Pandora Now Accepting Digital Music Submissions

pandora digital music image

Good news for music artists! Pandora is now accepting digital music submissions.

If you have thought about submitting your music to Pandora in the past, they you probably know that they did not accept digital music unless it was submitted through another distribution company such as CDBaby.

Now, they are accepting digital music submissions directly. You can submit your music here:

As an artist, I’m sure you know that it is important that you take every avenue possible to get your music heard.

So now that Pandora is making things a lot more accessible, you should definitely consider submitting your songs to increase your chances of being heard, generating more fans, and fulfilling your goals as an artist.

Just be sure that you have your song copyrighted and protected first!

If you are looking for beats for your new songs, please check out my beat library here.



It’s Not The Software Or Hardware. It’s The Person Behind It…

creativity production image

Whether you are an artist, producer, or engineer, odds are you’ve come across a situation….perhaps even a confusion, about which software and hardware to purchase in order to optimally record your vocals, create your beats, or mix your tracks.

What is the best beat-making software? What is the best mic? Which are the best studio monitors?

While it should definitely be a goal of any serious musician or producer to eventually own professional, quality hardware and software, I just wanted to create this post to give you some inspiration and insight into how you can become successful BEFORE you have the resources to buy these expensive items. Read More »

6 Ways To Find Musical Motivation When You Have Writer’s Block

writer's block music image

It happens to everybody.

You’re listening to a beat, trying to come up with words and melodies to make your next brilliant song.

But for some reason, the words aren’t flowing. Or maybe you just aren’t interested. You’re stuck, and trust me I know…it is a horrible feeling.

What can you do to break out of this evil spell we all know as “writer’s block”?

First off, please understand that writer’s block happens to everybody, in every single creative-based field.

As a music producer, I will go through days and even weeks of feeling uninspired. I do everything I can to gain interest in making a beat, but it just isn’t happening. Read More »

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