Best Free Vocal Recording Software Programs

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Are you ready to experiment with recording your vocals at home? Want lay your vocals on your beat and make a demo before you take it to the studio?

If you are on a budget, or would just like to start recording vocals from your computer, there is very good news.

There are a handful of free vocal recording software programs which provide you with everything you need to begin recording your songs to your beats.

Even though I have Logic, which is considered by many to be one of the best paid software programs for recording, producing beats, and editing audio, there are still times when I need to make a quick recording or edit some audio in a pinch. For situations like these, I will often use a free, light audio software program such as Audacity, Acoustica or Waveshop.

Let’s get started. Listed below are 5 of the best free vocal recording software programs available today, at no cost:

Audacity Audio Software

audacity music software

Audacity has been my favorite free vocal recording software for a long time now.

It offers a whole host of options, effects, and features that a lot of other programs do not.

Audacity has all of the basic features, such as Copy, Paste, Cut, Silence, and Mixdown. What sets it apart is that it has additional features such as the ability to record streaming audio and the ability to remove background noises from your audio.

It also enables you to change the speed, pitch, and tempo of your audio, as well as offering reverbs, compression, delays, chorus, and tons of other effects.

Although Audacity offers a boatload of options and effects, it still remains simple to use. Whether you just want to make a basic recording without any effects, or doctor your recording up with a host of effects, Audacity offers something for everyone and it is my #1 pick for free audio recording software programs.

Finally, Audacity supports ASIO drivers, allowing low-latency instant response audio feedback. Press a key on your midi controller, and you will hear the sound instantly, with no delays. It has also added VST support, allowing you to use your favorite VST plugins in combination with the program.

To download Audacity for free, visit their website here.

Wavosaur Audio Editor

wavosaur audio software program

Wavosaur is an extremely powerful free audio recording program with VST support.

The first thing you will notice is that the program is extremely light and small, despite its power. There is no installation setup. There is no adware. Just unzip the program and you will be ready to use it. This surely beats having to run through an installation process.

As far as basics and essentials go, it includes most everything that Audacity has…Cut, Copy, Paste, Trim, Fade In/Out, Silence, etc.

Other than its small size and unzip-and-go ease of use, Wavosaur also has VST support. This is huge in today’s VST-reliant era of audio recording. It means that Wavosaur will be able to sync with your favorite VST programs, including Melodyne, AutoTune, VST drum and synth programs, and all of your favorite EQ, Compression, and Reverb VSTs.

Wavosaur also supports ASIO drivers, which is key for instant-response, super low-latency recording feedback.

To download Wavosaur for free, click here.



garageband audio program

If you own a Mac, you should already have this program.

Garageband is free audio recording software that comes pre-installed on Mac computers and devices.

I must admit – Garageband has really come a long way. Back in the early 2000’s, I remember experimenting with Garageband and recall being very unimpressed. It seems like it used to rely too heavily on its pre-installed loops packs to make beats, and put less focus on its recording elements.

These days, however, Garageband is a legitimate piece of vocal recording software. It is very simple to use once you have acquainted yourself with its features.

One of the absolute best features of Garageband is its pre-installed vocal effects presets. Browse their library of vocal effects, choose one, and you’re set. The presets sound great. Included are different styles, such as Rock, Pop, R&B…and that is only scraping the surface. There are also different environments, including a small room, large room, arena, and many more.

The best part about these presets is the quality. Garageband has really done a great job to produce high-quality vocal presets. I was actually pretty blown-away, and have yet to come across a free program that offers anything at this level.

Aside from its presets, Garageband offers all of the standard bells and whistles you will need to start recording your vocals.

Some of the features are a bit difficult to figure out at first (setting left and right audio regions comes to mind), but once you figure it out you will be happy you did.

Download the latest version of Garageband here.


There are many more free vocal recording software programs available online today. The 3 listed above are the ones which I have personally found to be most useful.

Everybody’s workflow is different, so you may prefer a different free program. For that reason, here is a list of some other great free audio recording programs:

  • Waveshop – This program does not needlessly change or alter your WAV files. Great program.
  • Acoustica Basic Edition – Also has a paid version, but the free version offers LOTS of editing options, effects, etc.
  • Kristal Audio Engine – Another great feature-rich audio recording and editing software program


Let me tell you first hand that the programs listed above will amaze you once you learn how to use them. If you have a decent microphone, computer, and interface, you will be surprised at the level of quality you can achieve using these programs.

I hope this article has helped you to find the perfect one for you. If you are also looking for hip hop beats for your music, check out the Beat Store after you download your free vocal recording software program!

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