6 Ways To Find Musical Motivation When You Have Writer’s Block

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It happens to everybody.

You’re listening to a beat, trying to come up with words and melodies to make your next brilliant song.

But for some reason, the words aren’t flowing. Or maybe you just aren’t interested. You’re stuck, and trust me I know…it is a horrible feeling.

What can you do to break out of this evil spell we all know as “writer’s block”?

First off, please understand that writer’s block happens to everybody, in every single creative-based field.

As a music producer, I will go through days and even weeks of feeling uninspired. I do everything I can to gain interest in making a beat, but it just isn’t happening.

Inventors suffer the same plague from time to time when creating their inventions. Graphic artists, website designers, blog writers….they all experience writer’s block.

And as an artist and songwriter, you have surely gone through the same thing before.

Try not to become angry when this happens, and please realize that it is totally normal and it will always rear its ugly head from time to time.

Here are 5 things that you can do to break out of writer’s block and begin writing music fluently and seamlessly once again:

  1. Watch or listen to something that motivates you.
    The first thing I try to do when I hit a roadblock when making beats is I go to YouTube, and watch videos of my favorite producers making beats. Or sometimes I will watch a live concert of my favorite band, or even an interview of my favorite artists. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as you find it to be motivational to your process of making music.Watch something that will make you say “I want to do that!” or “I want to be like him/her!” By the time you are finished watching the video, you will likely be in a state of heightened motivation, and may be more well-suited to continue writing your music.
  2. Take a break.
    Sometimes, we put too much pressure on ourselves. You may be sitting in front of your notepad/computer for 3 hours, trying to force yourself to write. If you are spinning your wheels and going nowhere, and continue to try to push yourself, sometimes you need to do the opposite. Stop focusing on writing music for a bit, and take a break.Grab something to eat, get some exercise, go for a drive, or do something that is totally unrelated to the music creation process. This can reset your thoughts, and you may feel refreshed and ready-to-go when you get back to writing music.
  3. Try writing a different song first.
    As humans, our minds are not always in the same mood. You may be struggling, trying to write a sad / emotional song, but your mental state is in a fun, energetic mood. If you continue to try to write the sad song, you may very well become uninterested, and eventually hit writer’s block. At this point, try switching gears. Find a fun, energetic, uptempo beat, and try writing to that instead. Come back to the other song later, once your mind is in a different state, and you may very well have much better luck finding the right words and melodies to jot down on your notepad.
  4. Change your environment.
    Your thoughts and actions are often a direct result of your environment. If you are struggling to write your song from your desk, which happens to be the same place you always write from, try getting up and going downstairs. Open the curtain to invite some light in. Go anything you wish….as long as it is not to the same place that you are always at.Alternatively, you can remain in your normal environment, but re-arrange it to look differently. Clean your room, move some furniture, open or close some curtains. Make your normal writing environment look like a different place. Whether you change the appearance of your normal environment, or just get up and totally relocate, you will be surprised at the wonders that changing your environment can do for your writer’s block.
  5. Do something else productive for your music career.
    Some people have a problem with taking a break, or doing something unrelated to music when they are stuck. Perhaps you do not want to take a break because you’ve been lazy lately, and you really need to focus on your music. Or maybe you don’t get much free time, so you need to put it all toward your music. If this is the case, then I understand why option 2 on this list would not be a viable option.So instead of taking a break to do something totally unrelated to music, try this instead: Simply switch gears over to something else that will benefit your music career. Work on your social media marketing and networking. Write a blog post. Send emails to record labels, other artists, etc. Go online and listen to different beats, and choose some new beats for upcoming songs.As you should know, your career as a music artist is a lot more than just creating music. You have so many other things on your plate that you can be doing when you are stuck in a writer’s block rut. And best of all, you will not feel like you are wasting time when you switch gears like this. This is one of my favorite ways to get around writer’s block, yet stay productive at the same time.
  6. Find a different beat.If you are the kind of artist who likes to write your songs to a beat, this tip may help you. If you are having trouble writing your song, perhaps it is not you, but rather your beat choice. Maybe the beat you chose to write to is not inspiring you as it should. Or maybe a different beat will have more inspiring melodies that just click with you. Try listening to different beats, and try writing to them. See if this helps your mind to find the right words and melodies. If you need some help, check out the beat library here!

Writer’s block can be one of the worst feelings in the world to a music artist, producer, or anyone else in a creative field. All of the things I’ve listed above have helped me personally at one point of another, and I highly encourage you to give them all a try if you find yourself stuck at any time!


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